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Work Waste Challenge

Zero Co

working towards a sustainable future

Lexus Australia is proud to be taking part in the Zero Co Work Waste Challenge. Our employees are pledging to help remove single-use plastic in the workplace and at home.

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Why Zero Co?

Lexus is passionate about Zero Co’s mission to minimise plastic waste produced by households and workplaces.

Zero Co are committed to tackling the plastic problem at both ends of the supply chain: by stopping the production of new single-use plastic by offering a range of planet-friendly personal-care and cleaning products, while cleaning up the existing plastic on our planet.

Together, Lexus employees and Zero Co strive towards a sustainable future in the workplace and at home.

Our Contribution

Lexus employees are taking part in the Zero Co Work Waste Challenge to reduce single-use plastic consumption in the office and at home.

Being part of the Work Waste Challenge helps fund local ocean clean-ups, all the while using planet-friendly products with carbon negative delivery to homes and offices.

By 2050, Lexus aims to achieve carbon neutrality. The Zero Co Work Waste Challenge is part of enriching our Lexus community with sustainable thought and practices.

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